Township Tours

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Township Tour – Half Day

For those who are interested in the different cultures, this tour offers you insight and interaction with the, communities and individuals living on the other side of the rainbow curtain.

Witness and experience their everyday life and share their struggles, hopes and achievement.

See why the birth of the New South Africa was such an important day in their lives. We are sure you will leave with a richer understanding of our country.




Langa is a suburb found in Cape Town, South Africa. It was established in 1927 in terms of the 1923 Urban Areas Act. Similar to Nyanga, Langa is one of the many areas in South Africa that were designated for Black Africans before the apartheid era. It is the oldest of such suburbs in Cape Town and was the location of much resistance to apartheid.


Township Tour Includes

  • 2 Hour Walking Tour through Langa
  • Visit to an informal Settlement
  • Traditional Kitchen
  • Visit a Day Care Centre
  • Pottery Workshop
  • Frame Workshop
  • The Old Hostels
  • Spaza Shops
  • Local Market
  • Visitors Centre
  • Local Tour Guide


Township Tour Duration:

4 hours


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